Oberon Partners meets the corporate needs with a global and structured service sharing with its industrial clients the goals of the financial, strategic and operational management of the company.

  • Industry analysis and benchmarking analysis aimed to identify the opportunities for the corporate growth on global scale;
  • Valuation of the company or business units and assistance in the arrangement of corporate sales, corporate acquisitions, spin-offs, joint ventures, corporate succession plans and set/reset of shareholders;
  • Preparation of business plans and financial models to support the corporate growth and the realization of strategic industrial and/or commercial partnerships;
  • Analysis of strategic corporate positioning, optimization of the financial performance in the medium-long term and analysis of the intervention on equity;
  • Support in the implementation of reorganization plans and business refocusing of the company in case of corporate restructuring;
  • Feasibility analysis and arrangement of operation of stock quotes on regulated markets as completely independent advisor, supporting shareholders in all the phases of the operation and of the selection of the financial counterparties and any professional agent useful to the placement.

Financial Advisory

Oberon Partners works as a financial advisor in finding new financial resources and development capital in order to maintain the financial equilibrium optimal target.

  • Arrangement of the optimal financial structure and identification of banks and financial institutions better suited to the implementation of the business activities;
  • Predisposition and assistance in the development of structured finance and bond issue transactions, capital transactions, financial recovery plans and the management for the customer relations with its financial counterparties;
  • Negotiation of economic and contractual conditions of the financial transactions arranged and assistance in the preparation of restructuring debt plans, refinancing plans and its implementation;
  • Structuring financial transactions necessary and useful to the implementation of real estate projects and to the strategic reorganization of real estate assets.


Oberon Partners supports its industrial clients in the preparation of strategic M&A operations favoring the identification of the most appropriate path of investments on the basis of the pre-established corporate objectives relating to the acquisition process and the use of own and third parties capitals.

  • Advisory service for domestic and foreign industrial clients focused on the design and implementation of corporate acquisitions and sales;
  • Promoters of activities useful to the business growth of the company through the identification and the analysis of the optimal targets and their markets and growth forecasts, determining the fair value of the transaction and managing the post-acquisition phase;
  • Preparation of strategic business plans related to operations of acquisition or merger of companies and the research of opportunities for the acquisition or sale of the majority or the minority of equity shares;
  • Management of the operations on behalf of the client and negotiation with counterparts identified;
  • Advisor in the research of new shareholders or venture capitals and in the predisposition of leveraged transactions and management buy-in and buy-out.